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Freight Services

offers industry-leading freight services customized to each customer’s shipping requirements between 10 provinces and 49 states. We offer Less-than-TruckLoad (LTL), Full TruckLoad (FTL), High Value Product (HVP) and Pad Wrap/Blanket Wrap services. And our fleet of late-model air ride trucks and trailers and advanced GPS tracking technology ensures consistent on-time delivery.

Advanced GPS Tracking
+ Air-ride Equipped
Trucks and Trailers
ensures consistent
on-time delivery

Our customer service team handles the intricate planning of logistics and scheduling of door-to-door services. Every member of the Stage West Express team is trained to balance the needs of the customer and the condition of the cargo. Whether itís a truckload of toys or a partial load of computer components, Stage West Express delivers.
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We do not broker our freight services; we have our own fleet that ships between 10 provinces and 49 states.
We have our own fleet.


We offer an exclusive Load and Go service to address the excess storage requirements of any organization. It acts as a warehouse-on-wheels solution to address limited warehouse space, fulfill overflow storage demands, or provide the cost-efficiencies of keeping inventory available onsite.
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Example of one of our many Special Commodities Trailers

Special Commodities

We recognize that certain shipments have special equipment requirements and we handle your oversized or unusual freight with extreme care. Our extensive assortment of modern, specialized equipment allows us to provide the highest level of service.

...we handle your oversized freight with extreme care

We also employ a Pilot Car Service to escort extremely oversized or large dimension shipments and maneuver them according to regional regulations. We will move your special commodities safely throughout North America.
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We provide Third-Party Logistics Services to supplement or replace our customersí corporate shipping office and provide a single point of contact for all supply chain requirements. We offer freight consolidation, inventory management, logistics management, distribution optimization, supply chain design and warehousing. Through our network of partners, we also offer pickup or delivery from the distribution center, tailgate services, residential deliveries, or onsite knockdowns. Using our end-to-end services, you can integrate transportation and warehousing for a seamless outsourced service.
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We offer Less-than-TruckLoad (LTL), Full TruckLoad (FTL), High Value Product (HVP) and Pad Wrap/Blanket Wrap services.

Exhibits Transportation

At , we are exhibit transportation experts. We understand the time sensitive nature of events and tradeshows and we know how critical that shipments are delivered intact. We offer pre- and post-show delivery planning, documentation assistance, set up and dismantle services, and padding and crating services.

we are exhibit transportation experts

To protect our clients, we also offer additional liability coverage, guaranteed expedited services for round-the clock pickup and delivery, warehouse storage, and confirmation of move-in / move-out dates and times. We can provide transportation for a single tradeshow or we can manage the entire season, storing exhibits between shows to avoid costly Canada or US-wide moves after each event.
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Our temperature controlled warehouse facilities can accommodate a company’s overflow storage requirements or provide complete, out-sourced warehouse storage and distribution services for smaller organizations.
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Expedited Services

When you need it there quickly, we offer expedited service between your site and every corner of Canada and the United States.

when you need it there quickly...

Our entire team holds a strong commitment to guaranteed service and complete customer satisfaction. With our consistent and reliable on-time delivery, you can be assured that door-to-door shipments arrive intact for worry-free expedited service. The secret to our consistent service lies in our operational processes, customized pick-up and delivery services, advanced GPS tracking technology, our dedicated dispatch and operations teams, and customer notification of deliveries. We maintain dedicated capacity to be available on demand for time-critical transportation requirements.
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