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About Stage West Express Inc.


We provide transportation solutions with an unrelenting commitment to customer service and road safety.

was founded on time-honored values of personal service and integrity. Since its inception in 2003, the company has focused on meeting the growing industry demand for better service.

customers choose us because they want the best people on the job.

When Stage West Express originated, the company’s core specialty was shipping trade show and event exhibits. Over a brainstorm one evening, the founders discussed company names that would reflect their services. Someone said: “The bottom line is to get these shipments out stage left so our customers can make the next scene change.” It was catchy and it fit - Stage West Express was born.

Stage West Express has become known for handling shipments that require more care. It might be a short delivery timeframe, high value products, or oversized equipment. Whatever it is, our customers want people on the job who take extra care for the freight as a matter of course. They choose us because they want the best people on the job.

Old-Fashioned Service

Unrelenting dedication to caring for customer's freight
The entire team has an unrelenting dedication to caring for each customer’s freight. Through our commitment to customers, we have grown into a business that now has a large fleet servicing 10 provinces in Canada and 49 U.S. states.

Once their shipment is in the hands of the Stage West Express team, our customers have complete confidence that it will arrive in pristine condition. We never compromise on the safety of our drivers or our customers’ freight.

We operate on age-old principles of doing business; we believe a direct and personal connection to our clients is central to the operation and every transaction should involve a personal obligation.

fundamental commitment to customers

While Stage West Express leverages the latest technology and stringent processes to manage growing shipment volumes on behalf of their clients, the fundamental commitment to customers reflects our authentic caring for customers’ needs.

When you choose to work with Stage West Express, you get the service of people who are passionate about moving freight. But we never sugar-coat our services. We deliver freight in a timely, efficient and cost-effective way – and that is what our customers care about.

Transportation Solutions with an unrelenting commitment to Customer Service

Professional Transportation Company

Exceptional Team

is a professional transportation company with its roots deeply planted in trucking. Because most staff members have personal experience on the roads or the loading docks, they understand the practical aspects of ensuring the freight arrives safely and on time. It is this experience that compels how we operate, continually looking for ways to improve on industry practices and prevent issues before they arise.

The majority of our drivers are owner-operators who pull the Stage West Express trailers and operate exclusively with our team. These highly trained people secure the loads and deliver your freight with care and attention. They undergo a stringent hiring process and have demonstrated a high regard for customers and other stakeholders. Because they are partners in our business, we operate in an environment of mutual respect.

We’ve accumulated some of the best dispatch operators in the industry. This team provides updates to our clients as their freight progresses to its destination. They operate behind the scenes to keep tabs on the freight and push for operational excellence.

trademark personalized care

Together, the Stage West Express team provides the growing base of customers and load brokers with our trademark personalized care throughout the logistics process.

Best dispatch operators in the industry