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Door-to-Door Freight Services

offers industry-leading less-than-truckload (LTL) and full-truckload (FTL) transportation services. Our customized freight options offer door-to-door service to suit the particular requirements of each customer’s LTL and FTL shipments between 10 provinces and 49 states.

We offer unparalleled freight services
with an extra level of care
and personal attention.

Whether it’s a truckload of toys or a partial load of computer components, Stage West Express delivers. We offer unparalleled LTL and FTL trucking services with an extra level of care and personalized attention that comes from our team’s hands-on experience on the road, on the loading docks and in dispatch.

Unparalleled Freight services

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

As part of our customer satisfaction guarantee, we have developed a proven system of checks and balances that ensures each shipment arrives at its destination in a timely manner. By anticipating and addressing issues before they become costly problems, we are able to offer competitive pricing and quality service.

Our commitment is to ship your freight from coast to coast -- or anywhere in between -- on time and undamaged. All it takes is a little extra care. That’s what you’ll find at Stage West Express.

Less-than-TruckLoad (LTL)

Our Less-than-TruckLoad (LTL) service offers efficient and economical handling of shipments that are less than a truckload, single pallet shipments or consolidated multiple shipments going to different delivery points. The intricate planning of logistics, weight management and scheduling are carefully handled by our customer service team, experienced trucking specialists who take extra care with your shipments.

Full TruckLoad (FTL)

Our Full Truckload (FTL) service delivers freight across North America. Our full-load service gets non-perishable or fragile freight to its destination directly and efficiently. Our fleet of late-model air ride trucks and trailers and advanced GPS tracking technology ensures consistent on-time delivery.

High Value Product (HVP)

The High Value Product (HVP) division specializes in the needs of those shippers who are moving sensitive or valuable products. Our HVP trucks are equipped with protective and securement equipment that ensures the proper and safe movement of your high value cargo. Every member of the Stage West Express team is trained to balance the needs of the customer and the condition of the cargo. Our goal is to ensure all requirements of our Cargo Securement Regulations are met or exceeded.

Pad Wrap / Blanket Wrap

Some freight requires extra special care. Our Pad Wrap freight services are designed to provide protected transportation of your unsecured, unpalletized, uncartoned, or unpackaged cargo. The Stage West Express fleet is equipped with clean pads, logistic bars, logistic straps and decking boards in order to service all your needs. The Pad Wrap service is used frequently by organizations needing to move furniture, store fixtures, fitness equipment, medical equipment, electronics and machinery or other specialized freight.

Door-to-Door Freight Services

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