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Oversized Shipments or Unusual Freight

The Special Commodities Division at recognizes that certain shipments have special equipment requirements. With the Special Commodities service, you can be sure your oversized or unusual freight is handled with extreme care.

Whether you need to move oversized machinery or send custom-built equipment to a plant on the opposite coast, the Special Commodities experts at Stage West Express will design a solution to match your precise requirements.

You can be confident your sensitive,
awkward or oversized shipment will arrive safely, on-schedule and damage-free.

We maintain an extensive assortment of modern, specialized equipment within our fleet that allows Stage West Express to provide the highest level of service. Our equipment ranges from flatdecks and stepdecks to double drops, removable goose necks (RGNs) and other specialized trailers. This diverse equipment makes it possible for us to transport each customer shipment, regardless of how awkward, large or heavy the cargo may be.

Our fleet also employs a Pilot Car Service which escorts extremely oversized or large dimension shipments. Every member of the Pilot Car Service is well-trained in routing, maneuvering and escorting your shipments to accommodate the government regulations for these type of shipments.

We provide whatever it takes to get the job done right, even if it goes beyond our frequently used equipment. Just one call takes care of any requirement.

For special loads, such as oversized equipment, make one call to our Special Commodities experts and we will plan and execute a solution for your special freight. When you have

a challenging time constraint, one call to the Special Commodities Division at Stage West Express and our dedicated dispatch and operations teams will move into action. We will move your special commodities safely throughout North America using our GPS tracking technology to ensure efficient and timely delivery.

Our highly experienced and well qualified team are thoroughly versed in the handling and securing of freight – no matter what shape or size it is.

Between the right specialized equipment and the personal care from each member of the Special Commodities team, you can be confident your sensitive, awkward or oversized shipment is delivered intact. We will ensure it arrives safely, on-schedule and damage-free.

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