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Trailer Rental & Storage

Running short on storage space? Extend your warehouse
or loading dock with flexible, on-demand storage trailers.

offers an exclusive Load and Go service to address the excess storage requirements of any organization. It acts as a warehouse-on-wheels solution to address limited warehouse space, fulfill overflow storage demands, or provide the cost-efficiencies of keeping inventory available onsite.

Our storage solutions address limited warehouse space, fulfill overflow storage demands, or make it possible to keep inventory available onsite.

Trailer storage from Stage West Express offers:

  • Immediate on-demand access to additional storage
  • Delivery to your location
  • A secured yard for your storage, if space is at a premium
  • Convenient delivery service
  • Dry and secure storage suitable for industrial storage requirements

These cost-effective 48- and 53-foot trailer rentals provide dry and secure storage that is completely portable. All of our storage trailers and containers undergo a detailed inspection, ensuring all units are clean and watertight so that your merchandise remains dry and secure.

Trailers can be parked at your location for cost-effective storage, when compared to renting additional warehouse

space. You won’t have to pay additional property taxes. And if you run out of yard space to store trailers at your location, Stage West offers a 24-hour secured storage compound at our facilities.

Whether it is short or long-term rental, Stage West Express has a trailer available to rent or lease. We offer competitive monthly rental rates and affordable pickup and delivery rates. No long-term commitment is necessary.

Rent a trailer from Stage West Express – and get extra storage when you need it.

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